Azulejos (Tiles) 2017

Tile is found throughout Costa Rica.


Doorsteps, Calle 19, San José, Costa Rica

Tile that particularly fascinates me is often in and around houses.

Here’s some tile from a house entry area in San José.

P1200668 (1)

House entry area, Calle 19, San José, Costa Rica. Near the Parque Nacional. 

Some tiles are in public places…


Tile work on a small “shrine” near an old landmark. Corner of Parque España. 

To what is this shrine dedicated?


Dedicated to the old National Distillery. 

One day we met up with some friends at a “Soda” restaurant for a drink. I looked down and noticed these tiles. I’d never seen this on tiles before. The top glaze is hand-done graining, most likely made with a soft rubber comb.


Hand-grained tile. In a restuarant, San José.

You can find this type of “marbled” tile in older places. This is from a house in the Aranjuez district. It comes in various colors. I’d never seen this yellow before.


Parking area, San José home. Years of waxing have given this tile a fabulous sheen. 

Some tiles get fancy.


Entry area tiling. 

And at the Muséo Nacional, there are some spectacular examples of “fancy”.

IMG_1450 (1)

Tile, Muséo Nacional.

Here’s a place to sit under cover.

IMG_1443 (1)

A room of trompe l’oeil geometric patterns.


Don’t trip on the sharp “edges”!


Next, shaped tiles nest to create lines and waves.


Escherian tiles, Muséo Nacional. 

I’m always floored by these floors.

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