More Clay from Costa Rica

We have returned from Central America, our thoughts are moving to catching up, and to the garden year about to get going in full early-spring rush. But before we return to the reality of onrushing spring, let’s take a look at one more group of clay from Costa Rica’s Jade Museum and Muséo Nacional.


Sealife pot. How about that jellyfish?

P1190934 (1)

No, I don’t know what. But the potter absolutely nailed it. 


There’s something very contemporary about this figure. 


Basilisk vessel.


Here kitty, kitty!


Abstraction is not a modern phenomenon. 


Ocarina. Reminds me of Wallace and Gromit. What is going on here?


Another ocarina. “Take two aspirin and call me in the morning…”

I’d never seen so many, and so many different, ocarinas in my entire life.


Wasting away in Ocarinaville.

For now, we leave the world of clay.



I love this guy. Or whatever it is. 

Humans have a tendency to think that those of us alive today are the smartest, most creative, best humans that ever came along.

Just about every time I go to a museum, I realize what a silly conceit that is.



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