Simple Pots at the Jade Museum

The jade at the Jade Museum was wonderful.


The mind is overwhelmed at the sight of so much jade, so much stone, so much pottery.

P1200135 (1)

As wonderful as was that jade, I think that I might just have liked the museum’s collection of pottery better.

There are many complex pottery works there, complex in construction or complex in decoration, and they were wonderful.

I confess that my taste often runs to the simple, and my simple taste found reward in some of the pieces on display. I apologize for not being able to tell you much about these pots.

A few brushstrokes can add a lot.


As can simple repeated forms.


This piece felt Grecian to me, though it must be that a motif this simple could repeat itself any place in the world that has waves.


There were a few asymmetrical works.



There was a group of works that pushed symmetry in interesting ways…




Another group restrained decoration to a minimum, allowing the form of the pots to show.


This next pot has few scratches around a rim of the neck.

Interesting to the eye, and helpful to the grasp of the holder.


Sometimes all you need is…


one frog.

One response to “Simple Pots at the Jade Museum

  1. Wonderful, Tom! You’ve probably heard this before, but your posts would make fantastic children’s (and adult’s) books. The thoughtful photos with your insightful, yet simple, captions are perfect. You share your world in a way that is engaging and fun; accessible without being condescending (like some children’s books). You make me see my own world differently, and I LOVE that. Noticing, appreciating, and sharing are truly some of the greatest joys in life and you are a master at it. I’m not kidding– make some cool little books. Sell ‘me on Etsy or ???

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