Chips off the Old Chepe

We have moved our base of operations to San Jose. San Jose is “El Chepe” to some, especially to those distant from the city… Now that the internet is better, we’ll be able to open the spillway for the many photos that have been rising behind the electronic dam. I’ll be working backwards and forwards at the buildup. Today is backwards day. It’s time for a taste of the city.

We’re not in the green jungle any more. We’re in the concrete jungle. There is still birdsong to be heard, but the birdsong is punctuated by the sounds of cars, trucks, motorcycles, sirens, and even by the sound of the trains which again rumble and hornblat their way to and from San Jose, Heredia, and Cartago. The Costa Rican rail system is gradually coming back to life.

We took our first city walk yesterday afternoon.

IMG_1267 (1)

We’re off.

A nice walk, in the cool breeze and strong sun.


There is no lack of color in the strong sun. Thank you, yellow wall. 

We stopped at a “soda” restaurant for lunch.

IMG_1196 (1)

It was lunchtime for those who work and study nearby.

There was some excellent accidental art incorporated into an exposed brick wall.

IMG_1195 (1)

Architectural history exposed. 

There were gaudy cakes in the postres display case.


Sugar mandala.

Continuing on after lunch, we passed a carseats business.


Note the mid-80’s Toyota Tercel. 

Under a bridge and just downhill from carseatsland, a new sculpture has sprouted.

IMG_1256 (1)

¡Si se puede! (Yes, we can!)

At the corner just below the sculpture, our favorite door to nowhere has a new paint job.


The Door to Nowhere, San Jose, Costa Rica. 

In a nearby park, a class of art students were drawing a small shrine. Their subject was an excellent exercise in vanishing point perspective. My subject was in part their teacher, who was taking a photo of his students at work. I like taking pictures of people taking pictures.

So did one of the students.


Nonverbal communication going on here!

We admired some starkly glaring sculpted heads.


Farther on there were pretty tiles, and reflections, behind a mesh wire fence.


And just before we got back to the hotel, there was some what the heck?

You make up a story for this, OK?

IMG_1202 (1)

The details of this place are always intriguing.


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