The First Ten Bugs of Costa Rica 2017

In Costa Rica, you don’t have to look for bugs. The bugs find you, just fine.

It’s my pleasure to share with you the first ten bugs of Costa Rica, 2017. I’ve not ID’d them all. If you should know any names of the unidentified, please share in the comments section. Thanks!


This primitive beast was crawling across the tile walkway that surrounds the casita. 

Butterflies and moths, large and small, are omnipresent.


You can still be beautiful, even if you’re small. This splendid creature was not much more than a half inch across. 

There were bugs on the pepper plants.


We came home one day to find a big stick bug.

P1160072 (1)

Seven legs. 

Flowers, flowers, flowers.

Bees, bees, bees.


Bee in thunbergia blossom. (Thunbergia grandiflora)

I admired this green gem, set in copper. It was wasplike and flitty, best for looking at from afar.


Another butterfly, from a trail near the casa.

P1160184 (1)

Dryas iulia, the julia butterfly. 

On a painted wooden giraffe was a patient waiter.

P1160220 (1)

Praying mantis, waiting for a meal. 

One evening, this robust brown moth was on the screen when we came home. I posed it on my denim pant leg for a quick flash portrait.


Not really a cockroach, but close enough.


It was dead.


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