Out a Musoc Window, Part II

One annoying part of going somewhere by car is that you can’t really take photos while you’re driving.

One of the luxuries of public transportation is that you can. You can watch what passes by without the risk of hitting a utility pole. Or of falling off a mountain.

In the misty mountain we stopped to let a passenger get off.

She took a few quick steps, and then settled into a walking pace.

She was on her way home.


We stopped again.

She took a few quick steps.


And settled into her walking-home pace.


Again we stopped.

Again, quick steps followed by orientation.

And yet again, the settling into walking-home.


We’re nearing the end of our trip.

I love traveling.

But I love going home.


One response to “Out a Musoc Window, Part II

  1. Yes – home is such an important part of our psyche. I agree that it is easier to photo while moving on a bus, but the downside is the bus won’t stop and wait at the side of the road with the hazard lights on when you have to have a certain shot! Oh, and then there’s how clean is the bus window…… 🙂

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