Looking Out a Musoc Window

San José.



Get a cab.

Off to the the Musoc station.


Get on a Musoc bus, and head Southwest to the Zona Sur.



The driver is ready.


There are always things to see out of a traveling window.


We go by the Cartago area, and head into the mountains.

We pass a place whose profile is remarkably like a center-chimney Cape Cod.


Roadside cows relax.


Churches, stores, a school, houses — that makes a town.


Typical mountain flowers bloom at roadside.


At the top, mists shroud an ancient oak.


What is the man doing?


Farther down, mist departs. Two woodware sellers pass the time among theirhydrangeas.




4 responses to “Looking Out a Musoc Window

    • Y’know, that photo isn’t really supposed to be in the post, but slipped in somehow. I don’t mean to let the cat out of the bag, but it’s where we were going/where we stayed/where we have now left. It’s the CR home of my wife’s sister and brother-in-law. Name: “Dos Rios”. Search the ‘pile with “Dos Rios” and you’ll find more than a few posts from past years. This year’s Dos Rios poster are yet to come.

  1. Maybe the man that you asked what he was doing was just happy and was dancing. Yes, I am also interested in the house? at the end of the line. It looks like home, very welcoming and relaxing.

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