The Earth from the Air, February 2017

When I’m on an airplane, you could glue my nose to the window and I’d still be happy.

To be able to see the landscape from above is a modern miracle.


As we left Logan, clustered streets and old building roofs, snow-covered were below.


Retreating beaches arced between rocky Rhode Island rocks.


Bridges span the islands south of Providence.


More arcs.

These were near Virginia, I think…I’ll verify the location later on.


Limned by farm fields, estuarine rivers snake through marshland.


Much, much further south, a village nestles in a beautiful harbor.


And another river makes oxbows.


After a stop in Panama City to change planes, we went north again, towards San José.

Quepos lay below our flight path.


On the approach to SJO Airport, there were radiating fields around a livestock facility.


The trip into the city was the slowest ever. Hours long. The “Platina” bridge, always under repair, is under repair again. There was plenty to time to observe the sides of the highway.

Here, a family picnic necessitates a group selfie.


We’re on land again!

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