Feet at the Beach

There’s nothing like a working pair of feet.

It’s been good walking weather.

Our winter continues mild.

So I went walking.

I went walking to a beach someplace up-Island, though I won’t say more than that.


It’s not a sand beach.

And behind the beach is marsh.

But it’s beautiful.


We had strong northeast wind recently.

The wind’s waves have stranded a sinuous deposit of eelgrass on the shore.


There was something sticking out of the seaweed.


It may be a mild winter, but somebody didn’t make it.


I pulled it out of the eelgrass.

The somebody was a loon.

The bird was not too many days dead, and had no smell other than a faint odor of fish. The placement of the legs was fascinating. They were so far back on the body. The rearward geometry of the legs reminded me of the legs of swimming water bugs.

In the course of writing this post I detoured over to YouTube and watched some under-water videos of loons. Wow. This is a bird that is absolutely at home under water.

They can fly reasonably well. It’s a job for a loon to get airborne, but once they’re aloft they can travel considerable distances.

Forget about land travel, though.

Loons come away from water to mate and to nest and that’s about it.


A faint pink showed through the loon’s death-closed feet.

So I spread a foot open to look for the color.

There it was.


Those feet aren’t made for walking.


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