Lichen It

I went on a great walk the other afternoon. I left home not long after lunch, and didn’t get home until dark. Today there’s not enough time to assemble those hours into a succinct summation, so I’ll just share three photos of a rock with lichen on it.


I love the simple subtlety of this graygreen color.

The rock was at the edge of the road.


Lichen grows slowly but persistently.

What drew my notice to the roack was the fact that it was almost completely lichen-covered. Actually, what first drew my notice was the patches of rock surface still exposed, as the contrast between granite and growth was so strong.


The patterns that first caught my eye.

I wrote a longer lichen piece a few years ago.

Check it out.



Some posts are long.

(Like the recent Quansoo post.)

Some posts are short.

(Like this one.)



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