January Black Point Beach Trip

Hey, it’s a nice day! Do you want to go down to Black Point?

Sure, why not?

Let’s go as soon as last year’s seeds are sorted and put in order?



Once a year it’s a good idea to sort and reorganize your seeds. Whether you need to or not. 



Seeds categorized. Past-viability-date seeds dumped in bowl. We usually scatter the seeds on the garden, to see if anything interesting happens when the weather warms up. The practice makes for interesting weeds. 

(Driving time ensues)

Hey, what’s up with the tracks???


Tracks in the Black Point parking field. 

Looks like Dale’s here….


Dale McClure. Watercourse Construction. 

We walk out toward the beach. At this time of year nowadays, the old salt marsh hayfields are flooded. It didn’t used to be so, but the Atlantic has risen a foot in my lifetime, and what was once dry is now wet.


Black Point Walkway. Going South.

When we reach the beach, I take a panorama shot of where we’ve come from.

Browns and Blues are the colors of the season.


Looking north from the top of the dunes. Distortion present due to panoramism. Shot extends from due West to due East. 

The flats behind the dunes are full of water. The great ponds are full to the bursting point. Near us, Little Black Point Pond is a stroke of darker blue. “Big” Black Point Pond in the distance, half-submerges its limning reedbeds. Behind the dunetops, Rosa rugosa patches are almost black in the tans of the grasses. The air is full of mist and surfsound.


Looking east, from the dunetops. 

We reach the beach and see tracks.

Since we know what Dale is up to, we decided to turn around and go over to Quansoo.


Dale’s tracks on the sand.

What we saw there you will see too.

In the next post.


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