2016’s End at Wishetwurra Farm

Here’s the view of Wishetwurra Farm from the Goat Barn roof.


Brown clouds of asparagus fronds in the near left. below them green of fall coles and the strawberry patch. Other greens are fall cover crops. Middle right is eelgrass mulch over the garlic plantings. There are still hopes of bringing in more loads of manure and eelgrass before spring returns. 

Today is the last day of 2016.

2017 will probably be here when you read this post.

Happy New Year!

We’re past the solstice now. On December twenty-first, we lost our last second of daylight. On December twenty-second we gained three seconds. Today, the thirty-first, we gained forty seconds. Our day is now nine hours and fourteen minutes long. Tomorrow, the first day of 2017, we will gain forty-three seconds.

We’ve had a first snowstorm. Three and six-tenths inches, to be exact.
(That 3.6″ of snow, by melt-test, was 0.37″ of water.) There was enough accumulation to make me leave, at first light of dawn, the rocking chair next to the warm woodstove, in order to shovel clear the hilly parts of our road.

Later that same day the weather turned windy and warm, and the next morning all the snow had vanished.

Despite the one snow, our weather has been mostly warm, with occasional chilly snaps. We had one really frigid two-day blast of arctic air. Otherwise, it’s been a good fall. There are a lot of projects clamoring for attention, so the fair weather has been a gift. All the firewood is under cover. We got the outside of the horse barn all spiffed up.


The horse barn, almost done. Two more coats of dark green, and some fancy paint work on the entry door later, and the outside was done.

We got some big inside projects done, too, including refinishing floors and repainting the dining and living rooms.


Refinished wide board white pine floor. Widest boards are 17″.

Once the freshly-waxed dining room table came back to its usual place, it started feeling more like home again.


The plank that makes the main part of the table top is over 28″ wide. We have no idea exactly how old this table is, but it’s been around a long, long time. 

The downside of attending to these other projects has been a neglect of the garden. Our annual planting of garlic came in December instead of late October. Mulching the plantings came even later.

The garden door, broken-hinged and askew, says, “Hey! What about ME!!!”.


In a fit of end-of-season-big-sale-madness, we bought two hundred high-class narcissus and daffodil bulbs. As if there wasn’t enough to do already! The images of pink trumpets and frilly split cups were more than we could resist. We ended up planting them all in a fifty foot long double row in the garden itself.


Hope springs eternal….




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