November Garden Detail.

Yesterday, in the garden, Christine ate four strawberries.


The “day neutral” strawberries are trying hard to get a last set of fruit ripened before it’s too late, too cold, too dark. 

We’ve been enjoying beautiful fall broccoli.


and cauliflower….


and cabbage…


The carrots are big, lusty roots. The other day we made carrot juice. It was sweet and flavorful without a hint of bitterness.


When you walk in the garden you can still stop by the cherry tomato bush and snack to your heart’s content.

In the greenhouse, the last of the “big” tomatoes slowly ripen.


Blight at bay, the last tomatoes of the year ripen in the greenhouse. 

We had the merest touch of frost the other night. One of its traces is the lack of color on some of the higher nasturtium leaves.


Nasturtium blooms hide beneath frost-bleached leaves. 

Potatoes, if left exposed to light, will turn green and toughen up.


The Potato That Grew Too Close To The Sun

In late summer, a datura plant sprang up in the pepper patch. We left it, to enjoy the blossoms and the seed pods. So spiky.


Datura seedpod. 

A few last zinnias splash color here and there.

Shivering under the petals of one was a remnant bumblebee.


Old blossom. Old bee.

We are enjoying our lingering fall.


5 responses to “November Garden Detail.

  1. Great post, and what a splendid fall. I hope you are feeling more caught up- you have had lots of business -family and all! Congrats on the engagement, dotter looks super-happy whenever I see her, which isn’t as often as i wish! I wanted to check in that my check did find its way to you eventually… My best, Lizzy

    • Special variety of cabbage. Eats small aliens, but for some reason doesn’t like the hands, and spits them out. Aliens, at least the carbon-based life forms, are full of good nitrogen compounds and are rich in micronutrients, even more than you find in seaweed.
      I save big on fertilzer costs!

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