The Redtail’s Lunch

We took a walk to the beach a few days ago, and on the way home, saw a white-haired woman walking towards us. “That looks like Terry’s hair!”, we said to each other, “But it couldn’t be, right?” Well, it was Terry, and we stopped to talk for a spell.

While we were talking, I noticed movement on the branch of a nearby oak tree. A redtail hawk was sitting about a hundred feet away from us, about twenty feet above the ground, and it appeared busy.

For some reason I had my camera.


“Look at that!”, I whispered to my companions, and out came the camera.


The redtail on the branch.


Here’s what was going on on that branch.



A redtail hawk’s lunch.



Fresh squirrel.


If you want to learn more, go see:

Buteo jamaicensis.

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