Menemsha Sunset

Our late-day Menemsha trip turned out to be one of those perfect summer evenings. After our ice cream we walked on the dock between the Menemsha Pond entry channel and the  the Coast Guard station. We dallied to peek in the window of one of the old fishing shacks.


Peeking through the Window, Menemsha

There’s a lot to see through these windowpanes.


Outside and Inside, Menemsha

There are many things in this building.


From cans of paint to fishing lures to sign brackets to swordfish bills and more…

If the person whose accumulation this is is still alive, I’d love to make an inventory of what’s in here, and to listen the histories of the objects under this roof.

We came, we saw, and then we went. We walked. Over to the other side of the harbor. When young, I spent more than a few hours on these docks as a “wharf rat”, and they were some of the best hours of my childhood. As we stood above the dock, we watched two happy-looking girls run by.

We were happy, too, to see that wharf rats still teem on Dutcher Dock.


Tan-skinned, unshod, and filthy of foot. Enjoying Heaven — Wharf Rats, Menemsha. 

Mid-harbor, from rafted yachts, came the sound of a well-played saxophone.

P1110791 (1).jpg

Menemsha Saxophone

On the beach, a crowd gathered to watch the sunset.


Sunset Crowd, Menemsha

Cameras, devices, and phones recorded the sight.


Menemsha Sunset

A fine sight it was.


Menemsha Sunset

Just offshore, two people in a small boat watched the sunset.


The sun sets.

Or, where we are on the earth turns away from the sun.

The sky is large above, and full of color.


Flocks of birds return to  shore.

Soon the sun will be no more.


Goodnight, sun.




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