Menemsha: A Late August Evening

We planned our supper backwards, with the premise that whatever we ate, our dessert would be a trip to Menemsha, where we would get a dip cone at The Galley. We ate, and autoed off, on the way discussing whether to take the shuttle bus. Menemsha has a summer shuttle, as the island is now so crowded with cars that sometimes there is not room for another car in Menemsha. We opted to chance it, and Fate gave us one of the last open slots in the town, right next to the Galley.

One chocolate, chocolate dipped, and one vanilla, chocolate dipped, please. There’s a nice back porch at The Galley, and we ate our cones there, looking out over the water. There’s a little floating dock next to the porch. A boat came in and tied up while we nibbled the remnants of our cones.


There are four people in this picture. I think we’d been watching them for at least five minutes before we realized…

Cones eaten, hands washed (one pair in salt water, the other in fresh), we set out to wander Menemsha. Wandering Menemsha is a great please. There’s always something to see, and you never know what will catch your eye.

P1110712 (1)

A rare front view of the Nice Lady, who in ‘pile posts is usually seen only from the rear. This is due to the slow pace of the often-distracted and photographing yours truly. 

Boats, boats, boats.


Almost any boat here is full of detail…take a minute or two to notice what’s crammed into this craft, and how well and carefully that cramming is done…

P1110719 (1)

On late August weekends, the harbor is chock full.

These were one of two trios of rafted yachts in mid-harbor.


Across from us was the colorful “Helen L”.


To the left of the Helen L is the Menemsha Store and gas station. This year it’s all tarted up with an awning over the “Squid Row” bench. A pair of US flags are displayed on the new south side shingles.

P1110726 (1)

Out of the channel come a man and his dog.


While from the rafted yachts came the sound of a saxophone.


The sun set. Children played. People fished, ate, relaxed, and enjoyed a fine evening.

P1110795 (1)

We’ll come back to Menemsha very soon, for a look at some of the details that make this place such a pleasure to spend time in.

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