Seen at The Fair, 2016

Another year, another Fair. The purchase of a lifetime membership in the Agricultural Society, which grants lifetime free admission to the Fair, has now paid more than paid for itself.


Signs at the Fair, as seen from the bleachers at the Ladies’ Skillet Toss. The old sign painter (me) very much regrets the death of the hand-lettered sign. Computer graphics are OK, especially in the control of a good designer, but when signs are typographically “perfect”, their soul is gone. 

We didn’t enter as many things as we did last year, but still did respectably well.


Ribbons from the Exhibit Hall. 

Because of the death of my favorite camera, I didn’t take as many Fair photos as I might have this year. I did take a camera to the Ladies’ Skillet Toss on Sunday afternoon. A future post will have the tossing photos.

The Fair is a fine place for people-watching.


Here’s a closer view of those nice-looking young people.


Sometimes it pays to stop watching the event. I’d turned around, and  between the bleachers and the Fiber Tent, a wee apparition was wafting by.

P1110583 (1)

A Fair-y!

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