Farewell to Cuttyhunk

I’ve been to Cuttyhunk a few times now.

Which means I’ve left Cuttyhunk a few times now.

It has been hard to leave Cuttyhunk, as the visits have been so brief.  It’s like a chance encounter with a beautiful, interesting, copacetic person.  You only get a glimpse. You know that there has been so much more that you did not see, experience, or understand.

You just got a little moment in time.

As we left on the “Seahorse”, I pulled out my camera. To get some last pictures of the island. The camera has a “burst” mode, in which multiple images are taken as long as you keep the shutter button pressed down.

Later on, when I looked at the pictures from that day, there was one, that stood out.

I don’t usually post photos in full resolution, but make an exception for this one.

P1100986 (1)

What a way to wave goodbye.




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