Wood Lily

There’s a gate I drive through frequently. This time of year there is usually a wood lily blooming next to the post that you tie the gate to in order to pass through. The blossom has not shown up this year. Possibly the plant died. Hopefully no one has picked it. Wood lilies are rare enough around here that many people don’t even know they exist.

I had to pull the car a little farther ahead than usual. For some reason, when I walked back to the car I looked down at the road edge and saw a flash of orange-red. And there, not a foot above the ground was a wood lily flower.


The wood lily is one of those flowers that when you see it, you catch your breath, and say “Wow!”, or some equivalent.


A vibrant orange-red like this, in a sea of late-summer dusty dark greens!


The open structure of the bottom of the bloom gives it a special sort of gracefulness.

IMG_5464 (1)

The latin name is Lilium philadelphicum, in case you’re interested. The plant is found throughout North America.

Lucky North America.

Note: July 31, 2017. The plant I mention is just fine.

Someone must have picked the flowers last year.

Nevertheless, it persisted.

Here are this year’s blooms.


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