Pink Angel’s Trumpet

We have a mess of angels on the deck right now. There are white ones and pink ones. A long time ago we got white angels. Our angels are Angels Trumpet, or brugmansia, to be more precise.

If you have one color of angel, you of course want other colors, right? Two or three years ago we saw a pink one, begged for a cutting, and were rewarded with the gift of a branchlet, which is now a sturdy, plant about four or five feet tall. The original plant has given us cuttings, which have also rooted and bloomed.

When they’re abloom, as afternoon ends and light wanes, these angels suddenly release a heavenly scent, which lasts through the night. In the dark, aroma wafts all about at. Aroma fills the yard with odor and enters the house through open windows.

The plants are tropical, originally from South America, where they are small trees. In our climate zone they must be wintered indoors. Often in the late fall when we bring them inside, they’re just starting a cycle of bloom. The power of even a blossom or two fills the nighttime house with celestial smell.

Our angels are in the middle of a blooming cycle right now.

Last night was pretty stinky.

Yesterday I had a brief photoshoot with pink angels.


Look up into the flower.








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