Eyecatchers on Cuttyhunk

Today is the eighth day of the eighth month.

So here are eight Cuttyhunkian photos.

There’s not any real unifying theme.

These things just caught my eye.

Beach sculptures are to be seen here and there.

Here’s one that catches your eye shortly after you get off the boat.


Beach sculpture, Cuttyhunk

Human ingenuity and patience are wonderful things.


Bulletin board. AA notice on a field of wine corks, thy name is irony.

Here’s a simple and strong windowbox installation.


Red petunias window box, Cuttyhunk.

A photographer friend loves taking pictures of laundry.

So I took a laundry picture in her honor.


Hung out to dry…

Up in the hills, we met a swallowtail butterfly.

P1100937 (1)


Where land meets sea, erosion happens and makes curves of disappearing contours.


Copicut cliff lip.

At the far end of the island, the Gosnold Memorial sits on its islet.


Land meets water meets land meets water meets land meets water meets land meets water meets horizon and the air and the sky beyond.

Just before leaving there were a few free minutes.

During which I encountered this palm tree trunk.

How the heck did it get here???

P1100968 (2)

Palm tree trunk, Cuttyhunk.

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