Nashawena Shore. What are Those?

You cross Buzzards Bay on the way to Cuttyhunk.


As you near Cuttyhunk through Canapitsit Channel, Nashawena Island is to your left, Cuttyhunk to your right.


Looking east from the heights of Cuttyhunk. Nashawena is the land in the middle distance. Canapitsit Channel is the water that separates the two islands. 

I took some photos of Nashawena as we approached, admiring the fields and low growth. There are few places left in New England where this kind of grassy, wild-looking landscape can be seen anymore. The morainal contours are laid bare, and rocks, glacial erratics, are scattered about.


Nashawena countours

One of the pleasures of photography is that the image, perhaps a thousandth of a second, frozen in pixels, can be lated studied at leisure. Sometimes you see things in a photo that you didn’t see when you took the picture. Especially if you were using telephoto from a moving boat.

P1100753 (2)

Is that a cow? 

Is that a cow? Are those cows on the beach? What?

P1100748 (2)

For years, the Elizabeth Islands, of which Nashawena is one, have been a place where sheep were raise. “Were” is the word, for when coyotes moved onto these islands, raising sheep became impossible. What to do? Cattle, Scottish Highland Cattle, are being tried. It looks as if coyotes don’t like to mess with big, angry horns.

You don’t often see cows on a beach.

P1100749 (1)

Cattle on the shore. 

As the old Cape Codders would say…

“Finest Kine!”.

One response to “Nashawena Shore. What are Those?

  1. My father’s brother and sister in law had a house on a little inlet on the west coast of Scotland, in a rural area. Next door to the house was a field which generally had black angus cattle, and the neighbor farm across the inlet also had black angus, so yes, black angus do like the beach.

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