July 2016 Wishetwurra Farm Overview

June was mostly rainless. We watered and soaker-hosed more and more and more as the month progressed. We bought more soaker hose, and soon afterwards, two rains came. The first was a thunderstorm that brought 0.87″, and a few days afterwards came a fine 12-hour soaker with well over an inch of water. So, here’s Wishetwurra Farm in early July.

This post will stick to the overviews.

The “north”.


Asparagus bed in foreground. We just stopped cutting. Catch crops of pease and fava beans inbetween rows were a success. Next is the bed of shallots and onions. They’re showing signs of maturity. Below the allia is the new strawberry bed, with gladiolus in-between the rows. Then more onions, leeks, and the corn patch. The “black” hollyhock next to the greenhouse is blooming nicely. 

The “middle”.


Along the path, daylilies. Four O-clocks, volunteers, are starting. The corn is tasseling, the tallest variety is over eight feet high. Near-right is summer squash, being assailed by pests. Behind the squash is a glimpse of the garlic row, now ready to dig. Then potatoes. The wooden boxes house winter squashes and cukes. Below that are beds of various mixed items. Then the tomatoes. You can just see some blooming leeks in the back row. 

The “south”.


Here you get a better view of the squash boxes and the tomatoes row. Some of the first fruit is whitening, so the first tomato is just a few weeks away. At the far end, the spring pease are nearing the end of harvest time. 

We’ll be back as soon as we can with close-ups and some details.

This was yesterday’s evening supper pickings basket.

IMG_5190 (1)

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