Things Seen of Late: Olio Time

Here’s a selection of photos from the last two weeks. There is no theme, other than that for one reason or other I like the image.


A childhood friend, seen at the ferry dock.


We’ve known each other for sixty years.


At the woodpile. A bolt of pitch pine waits for the splitter to arrive. The cracks (checks) indicate that the wood is drying nicely.

P1080340 (1)

As summer heat increases, the sweet scent of resin fills the air near the pile.


Seen on a walk, a tiny red-orange beauty. The flower isn’t much more than a quarter of an inch across.

P1080421 (1)

Anagallis arvensis, the scarlet pimpernel.


Of equally intense color (here slightly doctored for effect) was was woman getting off the ferry.



Yesterday we saw this turtle laying eggs.


Eastern painted turtle. She’s about four hundred feet away from the pond she lives in.


Tis the season for turkey nesting, too. In our back yard a turkey hen has made a nest. Every day or so there’s another egg. She’s up to six, as of yesterday.


Three chicks, three hens. Who is whose? I consulted a “terms of venery” list, and a group of wild turkeys is called a flock, but a group of domestic turkeys is properly known as a “fafter” or a “gang”. 


The neighbor’s cat.



And lastly, in Wishetwurra Farm news, the first new potatoes have been harvested.

P1080539 (1)

“Blue” potatoes. A colorful addition to any potato salad.


That’s all for today.


3 responses to “Things Seen of Late: Olio Time

  1. The blue potatoes glow even more brightly, violetly, seated upon the shamrock green shade of Fiestaware; a nice touch.

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