Solstice Flowers

Sorry to be so quiet lately. I’ve been hauling and digging most every day since my last post, and have been too weary to write or to photograph much. A couple of days ago we had a visitor, and got a chance to go for a walk. The camera came, too, to capture solstice blooms.


Bluets. Some call these “Quaker Ladies” for their modest beauty. For you binomially inclined, it’s Houstonia caerulea.

By our front door, pinks are abloom.



Volunteer poppies again bloom in the big garden.



The invasive multiflora rose has a brief period of welcome…bloomtime. Not so much for the quality of the flowers, but for the intensity of the scent, which at this time of year pervades the air throughout town.



Hiding at the road’s edge was one of my favorites. Blue-eye grass, which isn’t actually grass, but a tiny and shy member of the iris clan.



Hawkweed. Obviously a cousin of the dandelion.



Daisies. What’s summer without daisies?



After the lemon lilies, the next of the daylily clan to bloom are these “Stella D’Oro”.



I mentioned a visitor. Here he is, hand in hand with “Mimi”.


We’re off on a walk to the brook.

That walk will be the topic of our next post.

One response to “Solstice Flowers

  1. That blue eyed grass surely does look shy, looks like it’s peeping out from behind that leaf. And I think the pinks originally came over from the old world – my mother has those in her garden.

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