South Beach In and Out of Fog

One of my annual chores is to put out walkway boards at a beach I caretake.

So yesterday I went to the beach.

At home it was calm, sunny and warm.

When I arrived at the beach it was still sunny.


Wavetops gleamed white in the sun.

There was a line of unaccompanied dog tracks on the sand.


Where was that critter going, so steadily and purposefully?


I got the first load of path pallets off the truck, and went home for the second load. While I was getting the second batch, a south wind came up.

I returned to a beach in fog.

P1070933 (1)

Looking to the east while on the walkway, this is what I saw.

P1070928 (1)

The view from the top of the dunes.


Standing at the edge of the Atlantic —


I saw only three things: fog, water, and sand.






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