The Tree Peony ( Mudan II )

The fourth week of May has begun, and at last spring warmth seems to be here. For the ten days to come, not a single night is forecast to be below fifty degrees fahrenheit (that’s ten celsius, for those of you in the parts of the world who’ve gone metric). Not one of those days is forecast to be over seventy (fourteen celsius), but we can live with that.

I’ve been making this little blog long enough that I’m going to repeat myself.  We’ve got a little tree peony that we bought and planted about ten years ago. It grows slowly, and even now stands only a few feet tall. There are big specimens in English gardens. Gobsmacking big ones, actually. Four years and one day ago I wrote a post titled “Mudan”, which you might want to go take a look at. You’ll find the URL elsewhere in this post…P1070705


The tree peony’s latinate handle is Paeonia suffruticosa.

For more info go to:




The breaking buds are beautiful.


When they’re ready to open, they unfurl quickly, responding to warmth and to sun.

This photo was taken in early morning. P1070700


This photo was taken only an hour later.



For the post from yesteryear, see:

It’s such a nice day we’re probably going to transplant the tomato plants from greenhouse to garden.

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