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Chipmunk gathering juniper tips.

Ten years ago, we had no chipmunks at Wishetwurra Farm. Now we have them, and each year there seem to be more of them. They’ve discovered the garden, and we’re not really happy to have them helping themselves, but what can we do? After all, we provide all those vegetables for their exclusive use.



Chipmunk using statue as a watchtower.

The first litter of the spring has gotten big and are grownup sized now. A morning or two ago, the mother and one of the “babies” were hanging out on Ho Tai, so I went to the bathroom and to carefully slipped the screen out of the window. Screens are hard to take pictures through.


Young chipmunk comes out for a look-see. 

The wall has become a fine home for chipmunks. The bird feeder is ten feet away, and though they haven’t figured out how to climb to the feeder, there’s plenty of spillage for them to clean up.


Chipmunk intimacy.

The statue? It’s a concrete Ho Tai statue that we inherited from my parents.


Chipmunks don’t kiss, but this is close. 

I didn’t mind not having chipmunks around Wishetwurra Farm. I’m trying hard to be tolerant, and to use their presence as an exercise in observation and mindfulness. I don’t really know much about chipmunks, so to have them around could be an opportunity and not a curse. We shall see. Whether they leave us any tomatoes this summer will be a test.


Chipmunk mother and offspring. 

They sure are cute.



7 responses to “Chipmunks

  1. Sadly, like most three-dimensional creatures, they are hard to exclude from the garden. I suppose a garden that is totally chickenwired in would be the answer, or one with an electric element on top of the fence, but…. they burrow. Hmm. Perhaps one of those sound things that are inaudible to us but nastily earsplitting to them? Do these exist?

    • Chipmunks moved into our neighborhood about five or ten years ago. They’re spreading out. When I was a kid, we didn’t have squirrels in most of WT. As the amount of forest has increased, so have the squirrels. Plenty of squirrels now. Plenty of chippers in our future, it looks like.

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