More than a Little Odd Houses in San José, Costa Rica 2016 #25

In this post we’ll visit some larger San José houses.

Some are old, some are newer.

Some are conventional.

Some are odd, even weird.

Some are smaller, some are rather large. .


This place is an intriguing mix of neo-colonial with circles and semicircles, spirals and twists, executed in concrete and steel. 


More concrete and steel, with an aged-paints patina so exquisitely toned that if this place were mine, I’d hesitate to do anything to the exterior.

IMG_4457 (1)

I can’t tell how much is actually going on in this place. A tall cypress or conifer of some kind survives in the entry garden, but otherwise this place looks a little forlorn. 


This place is not exactly sublime.


I do not understand this building. 


And this gets a nomination for ridiculous.


If nothing else, this place is “secure”. Secure like a prison. 


Not too far from the incomprehensible and from the secure, you may find grander places, with more conventionally understandable design.


I suspect that the first floor fenestration is newer…it lacks the delicacy of the other small-paned windows in the rest of the structure.



This city villa is just plain grand.


Perhaps this was once a coffe baron’s pied-a-terre?


How to take advantage of a hilly site: build some magnificent retaining walls. The view from this hilltop site must be splendid.



We’ll finish with the downright deluxe.


Thanks for coming along…

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