Slightly Bigger Little Houses in San José. Costa Rica 2016 #24

More San José houses.

Houses here can get crowded into small spaces.


The Rio Torres cuts through the city. Only major streets bridge the Torres, so many streets pause when they reach the river, and continue on the other side. This is Calle 19.

Utility cables can be as crowded in the air above the streets as the houses are below.


Crowded wiring in the air above crowded streets. 


Street trees have a tough life in this city, but they hang tough, hang tough as tenaciously as some of these old houses.


Many greens color an island in time.


More greens, taking up more stories.


One of these years I’ll get lucky and pass by when residents are home, and perhaps be able to get more story on these places. 


Neglect suggests that this old house may not be long for this world.



Right next door is this hotel/guest house. Two guests chat on the entry stairs. A little internet sleuthing gives its date of construction as 1920, so it’s almost 100 years old.


Sometimes patron reviews tell more about the reviewer than they do about the accommodations being rated. An anonymous 18-24 year old Canadian female rated this place as a 4.3, saying that the toilet was mouldy and the room light was super dim and depressing. An anonymous 41 year old USA man loved it here, both for the central location and its friendly and relaxed atmosphere.


In another nearby neighborhood, a well-kept house of similar vintage projects not decay and transience, but instead suggests an oasis of family, care, stability and domesticity.



If you’re going to live in the city, an oasis is a good place to be.

2 responses to “Slightly Bigger Little Houses in San José. Costa Rica 2016 #24

    • Many people avoid San José an head straight out to the country when they arrive. We like to pass a few days at least, whenever we’re lucky enough to get to CR.

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