Little Old Houses in San José, Costa Rica 2016, #23

San José’s 1950 population was about 183,000 souls. By 2015 that number was 1,393,000. That intense growth means that buildings of San José have become an outrageous mix of big and small, rich and poor, new and old.

I’m particularly fond of San José’s older buildings. Every year, more of them are demolished or altered beyond recognition. They have soul and a simple beauty, a beauty overlaid with rust and patina from years of tropical sun and weather. When I get the chance, I walk the streets to see what may not be there the next time…

In this post we’ll look at some of the most modest of these places.


Costa Rica blue. Look at those windows. 


Parts of San José are hilly.


This place is showing its age, but still looks sweet behind the steel fence and locked gate. Imagine what this house looked life fifty years or sixty ago.


Almost every window in San José has steel bars over the windows.



There is probably something old underneath these improbable veneers.



Rust shows on the roof, but the yellow of the facade is nice and fresh.


Blue sky over yellow house with green roof. 


These houses are islands of time past.



Be it ever so humble…


The addition of plants turns a city house into an oasis. (And hides the electric meter.) 


There’s no place like home.




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