Is Spring Here Yet?

Spring has been really pokey this year.

In our part of the world, air circulation patterns are “blocked”. We keep having multiple-day periods of gray, cool, damp, sometimes sodden weather. Although we are three weeks past our average last frost date, yesterday, my friend AF had ice in his bird bath, and showed a photo to prove it. We don’t seem to have frozen or frosted that night, due to a different microclimate, but it was a close call.

A few days ago we had an outbreak of sun. Everywhere you went, you could feel an outbreak of delight in peoples’ spirits. The last few days have been pleasant, and two more days of pleasant and sunny are forecast. Friday’s forecast is for rain. By then we will want some.

While making yesterday’s pilepost, I had to wait for extremely pokey Verizon to upload photos. To while away the time, the camera and I went out hunting. We spent eight minutes making a circuit around the house, poking our lenses into whatever drew our attention.

Here’s what we shot.


Tulip interior.

Below this tulip was a spreading patch of chickweed. The blossom in the photo isn’t a quarter of an inch across.


Chickweed. Edible. It is just about the greenest tasting plant you ever ate. 

One of the gifts of a camera is that the images, when viewed later, can show you what you did not notice when you took the photograph. That’s what happened with this forget-me-not.


I’ve seen this flower thousands of times. But had I ever noticed the detail at the base of the petals, where you see a bit of white that radiates out from the yellow center? With that little curl where it folds and then fans out the petal a little more? I never had seen that before. 

Tulips are at peak bloom right now. Here’s the interior of a red one.


Red tulip interior.

Half in shade, a pair of dandelions glowed back at the sun.


Pair of Dandelions, Quissett, MA.

In the just-opening white lilac bush at the corner of the parking area, a firefly roamed the buds.


Firefly and lilac.

A yellow friend, unidentified mustard family, has again popped up amidst the snowdrops and lily-of-the-valley that surround an oak tree next to the wood pile.


I don’t know exactly what this is. I’m too lazy to look it up right now. But don’t you love the super-duper hairs on the sepals of the unopened buds?

Pieris is in full flower also. What a cascade of bloom!


Pieris japonica. 

Halfway around the house, I’d picked some sassafrass which was just opening its buds. I tried a couple of times to photograph it, without success. Coming in to the house, I realized that the darkness inside the garage might make a good black background for the pale greens of the new sassafrass flowers.

It did.


Portrait of a sassafrass flower, Falmouth, MA

Those eight minutes were well spent.

Spring just might be here.



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