Shadows at the Cut

My sister has been visiting. When an old Vineyarder who lives “Away” comes home for a visit, trips to favorite place are important. The Cut is a place that lies over sixty years deep in our memories, so there we went, on a windy afternoon. .

On the way there we noticed excavator tracks. Hadn’t there been tracks down that way just  two or three weeks ago? Didn’t the Pond just get opened? (Answer: Yes.)

Apparently the Pond had closed, and the excavator tracks we saw were from a re-opening.

P1070324 (1)

Quansoo Opening “Take Two”, late April 2016


Spring is moving along. The water looks more alive. We saw lots of minnows.


Western pondside edge of the Quansoo Cut, April 2016


There was constant motion of air and water.


The edge of sand and sea, Quansoo.


Shadow marked darkly where current ate sand.


Dark shadow, Quansoo.


Dark dark shadow.

Bright bright sand.


Disturbed Corners, Quansoo.


Down here, you see curves and lines that you don’t see often, elsewhere.


Crab Creek, entering Tisbury Great Pond.


And there’s a horizon.


Great Pond Horizon, from Quansoo.

You don’t always have a horizon, here in the East.


2 responses to “Shadows at the Cut

  1. Do you know when they are going to make the opening? We have been going the last few days and I have never seen so many crabs.

    • The pond’s getting high, but has been higher at previous openings. “When” depends on factors including weather and tidal range. You don’t want to open right before a storm that might close it right back up. You need tidal range, high highs and low lows, to scour our a new opening so it will last. Spring openings are needed to let herring in. This time of year you don’t want to open on weekends or beach days, out of risk to people unaware of the hazard of the fast-flowing water. People have drowned in the opening before.

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