Casado Side Trip, Costa Rica 2016, #20

We were off to take a morning side trip.. We were going out of the valley, up through the foothills of the Talamancas. It’s pretty country: Ridges, forests, pastures, winding roads through lightly settled land. Our ultimate destination was the “Los Chorros” mirador restaurant, for a casado lunch.


 Notice that hill in the middle distance?  See that “tongue” of trees extending into the pasture? The back side of that hill is where we started our side trip from.  


We passed through San Juan de Dios, made a wrong turn onto a road that degenerated into impassability.

But, there’s no loss without gain.

We got to stop and admire a cashew tree.


Stages of cashew.


We returned to San Juan de Dios, went right, crossed a little river, and went right again, up another steep and bumpy road we went.

Onward and upward.

“Oh! Please stop the car!”

IMG_3462 (1)

A gate.


A great gate.

A gate well worth stopping to see. IMG_3464

Gate recipe: take some square tubing and rebar, add pieces of dead bike…IMG_3469

Spend some time with your welding tools, and you’ve got a great gate…


Wouldn’t it be fine to make a gate like this?

You could make one of these in such a way that the wheels could still turn.

You could make vanes out of old compact discs and attach them aslant on the spokes.

The wheel, wind-spun on a sunny day, would broadcast sparkles of rainbow light on a sunny day…


We continued uphill. On the side of the road was a handlettered sign offering thirty-eight thousand, four hundred thirty-nine square meters of land. “SE VENDE! Para repasto. Especial para cultivo. Agua propia. Luz.” (For Sale! For pasture. Good farm land. Own Water. Power.) The price was low. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a finca in the Talamanca foothills?

Yes, but…what we really wanted was lunch.

We scrabbled up the last kilometer of gravelly switchbacks, got to the tar road, and were soon at Restaurante Los Chorros.

Do we want appetizers?

No, gracias.

IMG_3470 (4)

Appetizers. We didn’t try the guacamole and ships. 

We ordered and ate our casados.

Very good they were, too.

Before we left we took a last look from the balcony.

IMG_3471 The lower railing is made from sections of buttress-rooted tree stumps. Nifty.

Off in the hazy distance we could see where we’d come from, to where we were returning.










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