Burning Coconut Mystery, Costa Rica 2016, #18

We’d been out all day.

Sunset time was approaching.

So we headed home.



We got to the dirt road,

Eight kilometers to go…

Then we saw a fire..



Flame’s light filled the air.

Coconuts afire, piled high

No one was around.



Burning coconuts.

Just their shells, actually.

Becoming ashes.


What a sight to see.

Where were the dancing people?

There should have been some.




Postscript: Many stories have postscripts. This one does, too. A Friend of mine who lives down the road from where this fire was wrote me:.

“The coconuts were from this 90 year old who lives on his own there. Old people in the countryside in CR eat a lot of coconuts. Nutritious and free. His son built the plantel recently. He must have been cleaning up around his father’s house. I remember visiting Don A***** at his house in San Juan ** **** when he was in his 80’s. There must have been a thousand empty coconuts in his front yard.”

My friend also sent some pictures.


With the pictures came more story:

“I hadn’t seen this man in four or five years, and assumed that he’d died. I used to give him rides when I saw him walking up or down the valley road. The last time was one morning, and he was going to see “the Nicas” — several Nicaraguan women of loose virtue who traded services for money or in his case, goods. He had a bag of oranges, which couldn’t have been worth more than a couple of dollars, so I guessed they must have had a soft spot for him. Today he was even thinner, he can’t weigh more than 90 lbs., and is a bit slower, but he’s pushing 100 years and lives alone so you’ve got to admire his gumption. I didn’t ask about the Nicas…we chatted about the weather and the coming rains. No flies on Grandpa.”



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