Fishing in Early April

It’s a fairly long drive to get here. You have to know the right turns to take on miles of dirt road. Not everyone knows. This young man may also have had to do some wading, in order to shorten his walk to this place.


The dawn air is chill. The wind has been out of the northeast for days now, and is forecast to remain so for days to come.

His coffee is still warm in hand.


Almost there… The water is flowing strongly.


The moment. He’s there. Put down the coffee and make that first cast.


Fish are attracted to the smell of all this new and different water entering the ocean.The current digs up good things to eat, and sweeps out small fish. Offshore, schools of herring are waiting for the current to slack, so they can come in to spawn.


As the water sweeps out, a sandy shoals form.


Fish like to wait for potential food in the deeper water at the edge of the shoal.


And anglers like to place their lines along that edge.


The ocean and beach all around, new rosy light, strong wind, smell of salt air, the sound of birds, the rush of water around boots…anticipation, thoughts of possible fish, the joy of being outside…


No wonder people go fishing.


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