CR ColoR, Costa Rica 2016 #15

Costa Rica.

Such a colorful place.

The first and last letters of the word “color” are C, and R. Costa Rica’s initials. Don’t try to read anything into this, it’s just a coincidence, just a meaningless thing that we notice.

Speaking of meaningless coincidence, I have a friend with the same name that I have (though our middle names are different). We are both musicians, and each of us plays the same types of music. We also have the same birthdate. There’s something to notice! The fact that we celebrate birthdays on the same day doesn’t mean anything. But it sure is noticeable.

Come notice some colors this year’s images.


A spectacular bromeliad bridges red and purple. 

Think: redorangeyellowgreenbluepurplebrownblack.


One day, back when I was in the house-painting business, I was worrying about some color combinations. My friend Beau, who was working with us at that time, pointed to a bird-of-paradise flower and asked “What are you worrying about? Look what Mother Nature does!”

From that day I’ve been much freer with color combinations.

Thank you, Beau.


Orange: carrots (zanahorias) at the Tinamastes Farmers’ Market. 

Food for thought….


Orangeyellow: A mango moment. 

Color near, color far….


Yelloworange: “Mayo colorado” tree blossoms. 

Color climbing on trees.


Yellow: Mandevilla

Yellowgreen: Vanilla orchid flower.


This color has a story. Read about vanilla sometime. We owe our abundance of vanilla to a fourteen year old boy who discovered how to hand-pollinate the vanilla flower. 

Green is everywhere.


Emerald green: Siproeta stelenes butterly, the “malachite”.


Everywhere the sky…


The blue Costa Rica skyline now includes wind turbines and cellular phone towers. 

Move towards purple.


If this were yellow, I’d say “evening primrose”, but it isn’t, so I can’t. 

And there are browns…


Leaf mimic moth: a nighttime windowsill visitor. 


Another windowsill visitor: bug of brown, black of screen. 

Pathside was a pod.

These pods dry out, snap themselves loose, then curl, and hurl their seeds to forest floor.


I can’t ID this, but by the look of it would guess it’s in the pea family.

Mix the colors together.


And get a rainbow.


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