Entries, Costa Rica 2016 #10

How many entries do you pass in one day?




They are each one constructed, over time.


The driveway, the gate, the portal, is a face to the world.

P1010913 (1)

Every single one you pass has a world behind it.


Some say “Keep out.”


Some say: “Come in.”


Some entries are very quiet.

IMG_3516 (1)

And some have a great deal to say…




2 responses to “Entries, Costa Rica 2016 #10

  1. My father and I, when in C.R., would discuss the cultural differences
    visible and invisible…and one of them was exactly the
    “locked in”- “locked out”
    gated house experience…some becoming over time just an aesthetic
    reflection of character and others announcing a privacy that was all too similar in the North…interesting to contemplate, and you have shown a wide variety of meaning in a little space…ah memory!

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