Nacimento Trip Flower Mysteries: Costa Rica 2016 #9

This post is a simple plea for help.

We were on the hike to the nacimiento, the spring that supplies a local town with their water.

IMG_2183 (1).jpg

On the way to the nacimiento…steep!

I noticed a number of ground-level flowering plants. I apologize for the quality of some of these photos, but they’re the best available. Here’s the first one.


The next was similar, but the flowering habit was more multiple.


A close-up.


The trail along here was steep and well shaded.


Here’s a third plant.

Another species, but in the same ground-hugging habit.

IMG_2192 (1)IMG_2193 (1)IMG_2194

They look tantalizingly familiar, like house or greenhouse plants I’ve seen here or there.

Here’s another view of the trail.


The sharp-eyed among you will notice the begonia in the lower left. 

Here’s one last close-up.


So what are they? I’ve tried dropping these pictures into the google image “search” function. No luck there.

Perhaps you can help. If you want higher resolution photos, just ask for them. If you have a friend who knows tropical flowering plants, maybe you could pick their brains.

Help solve some mysteries!

3 responses to “Nacimento Trip Flower Mysteries: Costa Rica 2016 #9

    • Good idea…I’ll follow up on that…I just found out that there are some varieties of gloxinia throughout Costa Rica. More to track down! Thank you.

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