Trip to Boston

Easter this year was trippy. There was morning trip to the ferry, followed by the ferry trip. There was a midday trip to an Easter Dinner. Then there was an afternoon trip to participate in a family excursion for an evening Easter Supper. Then came a nighttime trip back home, finished off with the trip up the stairs to bed.

The camera never came out until we got near Boston. So that will be the part you get to see.


The Hancock Building ahead,  a bit to port. (Also visible in his glasses lens.) Captain Chris at the helm. I’m grateful it was him at the wheel, and not me. 

We passed the Greater Boston Food Bank. The building you see in the photo below is almost 120,000 square feet in area. That’s almost three acres, under roof.


This organization serves almost 400,000 people each year. 

The streets of Boston are full of the texture of built environment. Nowadays plastic adds itself to the glass, cast iron, steel, stone, concrete, brick and mortar of the city. In the late afternoon sun, shadows were strong.


Shadows and complements.

The Gods of Ease gave us an open parking place directly across from our destination.

IMG_4962 (1)

Easter supper was a splendid. You will see no photographs of the food, which was excellent. There are few things as good and as satisfying as well-made fresh pasta.

Readers will know I like a window seat. That was not my lot on the return trip. But I remembered that there is always an interesting photo available, no matter where you are.

Here is one of the grandsons.

IMG_4993 (1)

He’s a fine young lad, perhaps even more ornery than his grandfather at the same age.

He has a good eye for color and for details.


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