The Nacimiento Trip, Costa Rica 2016 #8

Throughout Costa Rica, you see concrete tanks, often painted blue, along the roadside.


Shadow portrait on water tank.

My Uncle John was very fond of saying “Water is the First Principle of Social Organization.” John was a pretty big-time anthropologist, so he knew his social organization.

We headed out one morning to go see the nacimiento (spring) up in the mountains that supplies a nearby town with water. On the way we ran into a blockage on the road. Thanks to the delay, we learned a neat trick: how to unload a bulldozer from a dump truck.


Have a pile of dirt handy at roadside.


And just drive off the truck onto the pile.

When the road was clear, we switchbacked our way up the hills as far as our four-wheel drive would take us. We’d walk the rest of the way.


Off to the nacimiento.

A toucan kept its eye on us.


We started out from a field, from which there was a nice view of the valley from where we’d come.


Looking across the valley.

After the field it would be forest and jungle the rest of the way.


Into the woods.

We encountered the pipeline from the spring. No worries about frost here, it just runs along the surface.


A union joint in the pipeline. This is an older steel section. Newer parts of the line are plastic.

From an opening in the trees we get a last view of the valley.


From the top of that far ridge, you can see the Pacific Ocean. 

Then we head farther in. The trees closed in. It got darker.


Into the woods.

It was dark, but not too dark for one of us to find a hummingbird nest.


Hummingbird nest. What holds a nest like this together, and how is it attached to the place it’s made? Spider webs.


The trail is getting steeper.

IMG_2190 (1)

…Along the steep edges of a quebrada (ravine). 

This post has gotten long enough…too long?

We saw more wonderful things along the way.

To be continued…


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