Costa Rica 2016 #7, Playa Ventanas Trip #1

Playa Ventanas.

En inglés, that’s “Window Beach”.


Looking south, Playa Ventanas, Costa Rica.

A little river runs through it.


People used to have to walk down a path to get here. Now there’s a road. So there’s a barrier to keep folks from driving smack on to the beach.


“PRECAUTION y PELIGRO” weaving technique, Playa Ventanas.

Coconut palms shade the shore.


Don’t sit under a coconut palm. Really. You can be badly hurt by a falling coconut.

Palm leaves can be big.

They’re tough, too.


Fallen palm leaf. 

You could:




Life is swell. 



Someone “hearts” Playa Ventanas.

Make a table.


Tangerine table. 

Creatively barbecue.


What to do with an old fan.

But what about the windows?

The windows.

Ventanas, en español.

They are caves in the rock that extend through a headland to the beach, formed by years of erosion from the strong Pacific swells. The tide was high while we were there, and it wasn’t safe to go inside. From inside looking out, they’re very windowy.


Swells sweep into Playa Ventanas Caves. Surf sounds echo and re-echo. Salt mists pour from sea to shore. 

We’ll come back when the tide is lower.

Stay tuned.

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