Costa Rica 2016 #6, The End of a Day


Since everybody seemed to like the idea of a nice sunset, we went looking for one.


We went to a place that looked promising.


And we stayed.

There was a “copper” phase.


There’s something about the Pacific that just looks big.


(It IS big…)

For a moment we thought copper was going to be all we were going to get, when a layer of clouds obscured the sun for a while.

But then it came back.


And got more spectacular.


And more spectacular.

It looked like a thermonuclear reaction.


Which is, of course, exactly what the sun is…

Puesta del sol.


P1010851 (1)

Or: zonsondergang, zalazak sunca, coucher de soleil, qorrax, or matahari terbenam

See you later, Mr. Sun.

P1010854 (1)

It was a good day.

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