Costa Rica 2016 #5, First Day at Dos Rios

Foggy dawn came on the first full day at Dos Rios.


First dawn at the Casita.

Above us, in the early light, someone is already up and about, looking for breakfast.


Early morning flyer. 

In the bushes in front of the casita, someone has found breakfast already.


Good idea.

We go from the casita to the casa for coffee and something to eat.


The “big” house. 

After breakfast, the first chore of the day is to drive to the Tinamastes Market. The Tinamastes market is a subject in itself. We’ll revisit it in another post.

IMG_1859 (1)

 “How the heck do you grow a leek in Costa Rica?”, I ask the folks who brought these beautiful vegetables. “Well, we’re from up in the mountains, at around eight thousand feet altitude, where it’s nice and cool.”, said Tony, one of the group of farmers who pool their produce and sell it at area markets. 

In the afternoon there is time for a swim in the river.


This season has been very dry and very hot. The river  is warm.


It’s so hot you hardly need a towel when you get out of the water.

The rest of the afternoon went by so quickly I forgot to take pictures.

Dawn and dusk are brief, compared to where we’re from in the north. Here, we’re only a bit more than nine degrees above the equator. The difference between the longest and shortest days of the year is only about a half an hour.

After dark, a giant grasshopper, attracted by houselights, appeared on a hammock rope.


Frog appeared on house wall.


And bird came to raftertail to spend a secure night under a strong roof.


We don’t know it yet, but at dawn tomorrow morning the chirincocos will call.

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