Arrival: Costa Rica 2016, #3

The last two posts have brought us up, over, and down. In one shocking day we went from the arctic north to the tropical center, to arrive in San José, Costa Rica.


San Jose, Costa Rica, with distant mountains.

We tried a different hotel this year, the Hotel Aranjuez.


Entrance to Hotel Aranjuez, San José, Costa Rica.

The hotel is made of a group of old homes that have been joined together.


Sitting areas and hallways, Hotel Aranjuez.

There is art throughout the buildings.

Some is typically representational.

Some, not so much.


In a warm climate like Costa Rica’s, interior and exterior spaces are not as sharply delineated as in the north.


Walkway from one part of the hotel to another. That big-leaved plant is called a tabacón.

In back of the houses, the back yards have been connected, making a green oasis away from the city noise and bustle.


One of several inner courtyards.

During a pre-breakfast walk, a few blocks away, there was some art imbedded in a sidewalk.


Sidewalk mandala, Aranjuez District, San José, Costa Rica.

The Aranjuez offers the best breakfast we have ever had in any hotel we have ever stayed at, anywhere. Read this menu, and see if you agree…


Menu board, Hotel Aranjuez.

At the Aranjuez we met up with a couple of old friends and family member, with whom we would travel. After breakfast we got in the car and headed out of town towards our destination in the southern zone. In addition to old buildings, the city has new construction, too. Some of the buildings here are really weird.

But that’s another story.


A building worthy of winning an “Eyesore of the Month” contest. Such a contest exists!

We had two hundred and fifty kilometers, half a country, ahead of us.

The next post covers that journey.








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