From Up in the Air, Costa Rica 2016, #2

We departed a frigid Logan Airport in the early morning of February 14th.


Ten below zero Fahrenheit. Looking north from above Logan.

If I’m on an airplane and have a window seat, a pair of eyes, and a camera, I’m a happy fella. The utter miracle of viewing the planet from the air never fails to thrill me.

We flew past Long Island. Rows of clouds and wispy trails sea smoke showed the strength of the blast of arctic air below.


Near to far: Atlantic Ocean, Long Island, Long Island Sound, and the Connecticut shoreline.

As we gained altitude, the sky got darker and darker blue.



A plume of cold-weather clouds stream southeast from their place of birth in Barnegat Bay. The little “bum” of land in the upper right of the photo is Cape May, New Jersey.

We flew over a place immortalized in childrens’ literature by Marguerite Henry’s 1947 classic horse story, “Misty of Chincoteague”.


Chincoteague Island.

Landforms from above are so striking.


I’m pretty sure this is what’s called the North Rive Game Lands (NC), and the Pasquotank River.

After hours more, winter was no longer in charge.

The clouds changed.


You could see that frigid air was no longer in control. Warmth and rising air had become the forces creating the clouds below.


Warm weather cloudscape.

We didn’t know yet that the temperature when we landed was going to be in the mid nineties (F). From ten below zero to ninety-plus is a change of over one hundred degrees in one day.

Miles above the earth, we onward flew.

Nose to the window.

P1010268 (1)

Our beautiful atmosphere.



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