Sea Smoke at Logan, Costa Rica 2016, #1

A month ago, the ‘pile left for Costa Rica. We didn’t bring the computer this year, maybe because the one we took last year got stolen? The prospect of a month offline was actually appealing. Sometimes it’s good to get away from your habits.

We’re back, and have enough photographs and stories to last for weeks or months.

The start of the ‘piles restart is a group of early morning photographs from Logan Airport.

It was a hard, cold, early morning.


Sea Smoke, Logan Airport, Boston, MA, February 14, 2016.

How cold was it?


Sea smoke at Logan Airport.

It was the coldest morning of the winter.


Sea smoke, sometimes called “sea frost”, forms during frigid temperatures in still or slow-moving air over open water.

The thermometer registered ten degrees below zero Fahrenheit.


Jets silhouetted by sea smoke, Logan Airport, Boston, MA.

Ten degrees below zero Fahrenheit is about twenty degrees below zero Centigrade.


Logan: runway, retaining wall, sea smoke, Winthrop, steam plumes and sky.

Now that we’ve returned, we’ll be posting frequently for a while, as we download and digest thousands of photos from Costa Rica.

Hasta luego….






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