Flat Point Walk


Let’s go for a walk!

But we haven’t had lunch yet…..

It’s a nice day, and awfully warm for January.

Let’s forget lunch and take a bagful of those muffins you made the other day.

We can eat them if we get hungry.

Well then, let’s go!

We went.

We found the place to park, and started in the path to Flat Point.


Fence railing, path to Flat Point. West Tisbury, MA.

When you come out of the first stretch of woods, Arnie’s barn is directly ahead.


Flat Point Farm barn. West Tisbury, MA.

On the other side of the field’s fence line we find bones.


Raccoon jaw in the leaf litter. For a look at the skulls we found, see https://thetompostpile.wordpress.com/2016/01/09/three-skulls-twenty-nine-words/

We found more raccoon bones, and two raccoon skulls, and then passed through the woods behind the barn, into the fields that lead down to the Tisbury Great Pond.

The weather was cloudy and windy, but warm for January.



Many people put fenceposts into the earth the the bottom part of the tree up, on the belief that it will rot less quickly. Whether or not this is true, it makes for wonderful silhouettes. Here, in black and white, is Christine and a septet of toppy locust posts.

Across the pond were scores of crows, foraging perhaps, or maybe just being nosy and inquisitive, which is a very crow thing to do. There was a lot a crow talk coming from this “murder” of crows.



One score of the scores of crows. In an oak tree, Tisbury Great Pond.

In a patch of pondside switchgrass, we found some poison ivy getting established. The short upright vines were plentifully covered with berries. These berries may feed a hungry bird, later on this winter.


Poison ivy berries.

Heading back, we saw a few dandelion flowers.


January dandelion flower, Flat Point Farm field. A friend of mine says that soil temperature needs to be 55° for a dandelion to flower.

Flowers in January.

How about that???


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