Olio Olio Olioxinfree!

There’s so much to be seen.

Something here, something there, something almost everywhere.

Here is another tompostpile olio, of things-seen from over the last few days. With comments and digressions.

I was pruning a tangle of multiflora rose vines from the edge of the road, and happened to look underneath the spruce tree on the other side of the road. Purple? Myrtle! I remembered Alice Mathewson, my childhood nature and gardening mentoressa. She once told me that if you look hard enough, you can find a myrtle flower in every month of the year.


Myrtle (Vinca minor) mid-December. I picked the flower, admired and photographed it, and then give it to a person coming down the road. She said, “Well then, I have something for you…”, and gave me a peppermint patty candy.

Over time, birds come and birds go. When I was a lad, we had neither cardinal nor bluebird nor tufted titmouse. Now we do. We had bobwhite quail and field birds. Now we pretty much don’t. Of late, fish crows, in large numbers, have appeared.


Fish crows on the 7AM ferry.

One of the pleasures of a photograph is that it allows you to preserve an instant in time, and to study it later. When you return to that frozen instant, you can see things you did not see at the time.


Looking down from the bow of the ferry as it docks in Woods Hole. At the time, I was watching the changing shape of the roiled water, as framed by bow and dock. When I returned to the image, I noticed how the boat’s bow, the dock’s ramp, and and pulses of waves in the water all echo each other with the same arc.

I had gone off-Island for a doctor appointment, and had a little extra time for errands beforehand. I bought a new daybook at the stationers, and then went to buy a couple of small tarps.

P1000197 (1)

On the way into Ocean State Job Lot to buy tarps, who greeted me? A black Santa. My friend Adele said, “Finally, a Santa who looks like Jesus.”. Albert said, “About time they got it right.” I ask, “Is this just in the Nick of time?”

Fog obscures and hides, but at the same time reveals underlying shapes.


House-boats on foggy Eel Pond, Woods Hole’s inner harbor.

Last night at eleven o’clock it was 57°F. This morning at five o’clock it was 57°F. This December has been warm. Very warm. The last few days have been about twenty degrees warmer than “average”. The flowers don’t mind.


Mid-December rose, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution hedge, Woods Hole, MA.

Along our road is a patch of this lovely grass.

P1000237 (1)

Some of you may remember that last winter my new long-zoom camera was stolen. As of last week I at last have a replacement! This shot was a test of the telephoto mid-range.

There are many creative people on this island. Artists, artisans, and more. Anywhere you go, you see evidence of this creative spirit. Even house numbers are made with inventiveness.

P1000238 (1)

House number sign, Music Street, West Tisbury, MA. Do you see the watch?

Just down the street from that number 31 house sign, a holiday grouping has appeared.

P1000243 (1)

Mystery arrangement of figures, center West Tisbury, at the edge of the old schoolyard, across from the church.

I have no idea who made this installation, but it’s been there for days now, and nobody has messed with it.

And that’s the latest olio from thetompostpile.

Happy Holidays.

2 responses to “Olio Olio Olioxinfree!

  1. I am glad to be reminded of the Jesus look-alike, and of your camera now replaced. I’ll bet you are enjoying having it.

    • Tough learning curve, as it’s a different make of camera than I’ve used previously. It has a “burst” feature, and will take a series of photos with that option selected and your finger on the shutter button. A good thing when you’re working with a moving target and hoping for a decent shot. As usual, I was too cheap to buy the latest model, but staying behind the “curve” is not a bad thing. Early adopters pay heavily for their bragging rights.

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