Heading Out on a High Pond

Now that December is here, few people are going to be going in the water at Quansoo any time soon. When the swimming season is truly over, it’s time to bring in the rescue buoy stations. Yesterday was the day.

Crab Creek is full. Very full.

Before crossing the bridge I took a photo.

No trolls today…


Crab Creek. Water has come over the banks, and it won’t be long until it starts moving out into the parking area. When the pond is low you can walk under this bridge in water that might be a foot deep.

Then I headed for the beach.


What’s going on?

IMG_1148 (2)


(Motor noise)


From out of the rushes comes a boat…

IMG_1155 (2)

Two people are heading out onto the pond.



Off they go.


I hope they had a successful trip.


It was a good day to go out on a high pond.





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